Tuesday, March 4, 2014

MarkerPOP: Secret Admirer Luka

Hello and Welcome!  
Marie here with another mini-tutorial and today, we will be coloring "Dark Blond Hair". 
Copic E35, YR23, Y23 
I will be using this adorable image called  Secret Admirer Luka from La La Land Crafts.
Today's color combo will be for Dark Blond Hair
*** Insert combo pic
Copic Alcohol Ink YR23, E35 and Y23
I am going to have my highlights come from the upper left corner.
My right side will be in shadow.
I  like to lightly mark the areas that I want to keep as highlights.
I have a tendency to get so caught up in my coloring that I forget where my highlights are so it helps if I mark it ahead of time.
Luka's hair is so much fun to color.   It has a curve and fall in locks.
I am applying my shadow color, E35 and the very tip of each lock.
I work in small areas  so my ink remains wet.   This helps with blending.
I applied some of the shadow at the root of the hair.
The ink is applied in the direction the hair curves.
Using my mid-tone YR23, I gently  flick away with my wrist action  from the edge of
the shadow toward the highlight.
Keep the flicking motion light and you will noise that as you flick outward, the ink becomes lighter.
This will make blending easier.
The mid-tone YR23 is now applied to the opposite end of the lock.   Again, flicking from the edge of the shadow color toward the center.  I try to avoid flicking too far into the highlight.
My highlight, Y23 was applied in the same manner - flicking from the edge of the mid-tone toward the center.   Feel free to move the paper for your comfort.   I find it is easier to flick away from me.
I repeated the same process the the shadow side and the front.
Each lock was colored as if it was an individual unit.
This method takes longer, but I find it is easier for me  to blend
Although I am blending,  I try to avoid "over blending" .  I use the tip of my marker
with a light touch because I want some of the strands of hair to show.
It gives more definition.
Although I have some highlights on my right side,  I have used more of my shadow  color and more highlight on the left hand side.

Copic Combo: Dark Blonde Hair from Marie on YouTube
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Have a wonderful, crafty week :D
Hugs, Marie


  1. Terrific tutorial and video Marie with wonderful results.

    1. Thank you Bonnie! I am glad you liked it! :D

  2. Hi Marie wow!!! Thank you for showing us great tutorial :) he looks amazing!
    Vic x

    1. Thank you Vicki. I am glad you liked it!

  3. Wow you have the perfect voice for tutorials! Great Work!

  4. Wow you have the perfect voice for tutorials! Great Work!

  5. wow is right! What an awesome card, gorgeous design and gorgeous coloring. Thank you so much for this step by step tutorial on the coloring of hair.

  6. Great tutorial, Marie!! I take notes as I watch!! Beautiful card, too!!

    1. Your so cute! You do a great job already!


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