Coloring Combo Resource Guide

Color Combo Resource Guide

Coloring Skin
Skin Tone # 1
E11, E000, E11, R20

Skin Tone #2
E000, E00, E21, E21, R20

Skin Tone 3  (Medium)
E00, E11, E13, E15

Skin tone 4  (Light Medium)
E53, E51, E50 and E81 for cast shadow

Coloring Blue

Washed Denim
B92, B93, B95   ( B97 for high intensity

Tahetian Blue
B02, B04, B06,  (intense shadow C5)

Cobalt Grey Blue
B97, B95, B93, B91

Coloring Green
Willow Green
G40, G46, YG63, G28

Pistachio Green
G40, G43, G46

Coloring Hair
Dark Blonde hair
E35, YR23, Y23

Light Brown Hair
E 30, E31, E33, E35

Auburn Hair
E13, E17, E18, E19

Honey Blonde Dark Hair
Y11, Y21, E97, E99

Coloring Fur
Light Fur
E35, E31, E33, E30

Coloring Gray
Tone Gray
T3, T4, T6, T8

Cool Gray
C3, C5, C6, C9

Neutral Gray
N3, N5, N6, N8

Coloring White
Blue Green White
BG000, BG000, BG00

Coloring Purple and Violet
Mauve Shadow
BV23, BV01, BV00, BV000

V01, V04, V06,  V09

Coloring Yellow
D34, Y23, Y21, YR23

Coloring Orange
Terra Cotta
YR26, YR24, YR21, YR20

Coloring Brown
Light Brown Natural Blending Family
E30, E33, E37

Sand Brown
E30, E33, E35 and E37 for High Intensity

Coloring Fur
Light Fur
E35, E31, E33, E30


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