Thursday, March 13, 2014

MarkerPOP: Light Brown Hair Copic Tutorial

Marie here with another mini video  and step tutorial for you.
I am so glad you came back :D    

Light Brown Copic  Combo
E37, E35, E33, E31, E30
E37 is an optional high intensity color


I used X-Press Blending Paper and stamped my image using Memento Tuxedo Black ink. 
I like to put the skin tones in first when I color hair.    
I am placing my light source from the front.   This is optional.  I like to change it around because it gives me practice playing with light and I don't get into a rut.  
The video has a slightly different light source.  

I applied my lightest color, E30 to the areas that will be my highlight.   
You will notice that the hair this week is different from Luka's that I colored last week.   
Lisbeth's hair is flowing with peaks and valleys!   
Where to you want the peaks?   That will be your highlights.
Where are the valleys?  that will be your shadow. 
It's all about the peaks and valleys! 

E35 was applied sparingly to the valleys. 
Ink was applied in a flicking motion toward the highlight. 
I work in small areas so my ink will remain wet for easier blending.   
What area's are in shadow?  That area get's your dark tone.    
I are reserving my very darkest E37 for and optional  high intensity.
I will not use that at this point. 

Mid tone E33 is applied at the edge of the E35 and flicked toward the highlight. 

E31, my light mid tone  is applied carefully.   
I want to avoid coloring my highlight completely. 
My flicking motions are light and done with the tip, not the side of my brush marker.  
I do not want to loose the natural lines that are present in hair.   
Look for lines and hair clusters. 

I then repeated the flicking motion with my highlight, E30.  
Remember that every time the are is colored, it will become darker.  
I avoid coloring over the highlight side too much.  
Some people will leave a small amount of the white for 
greater highlights.   That is a personal preference.   
Try both and see what you like. 

The process was repeated with the front.
I then started on the opposite side of her head.   
I keep the area I am working on very small.  It takes more time but it is worth it.  

This is how the hair looks with the following combo.
E35, E33, E31 and E30.   

I am someone that loves high intensity in my coloring.   The more contrast, the better.   
Again, that is a personal preference.   For those who love high intensity, I used E37 very sparingly to add depth and dimension.   I separated a few clusters of hair with the E37.  I added some to the area around her neck and the very tip and root of her bangs.  
See how the high intensity makes it pop?   
The option is yours :D 

I dedicate this to my fabulous Coloring instructor
The techniques I know- and share are a direct result of her 
wonderful teaching. 
The GOOD I learned from Suzanne,
and the BAD I learned on my own! LOL 

I am linking this card to a fabulous challenge.  
I am so sorry it will be their final challenge.
Make It Monday - Where everything was "Anything Goes"

Thank you so much for stopping by!   I love having you here!  If there are any color combos you would like, just let me know and I will give it a whirl! LOL   
Come back soon - There's more to come. 


  1. Very bright and uplifting card. I also see how much work you put in your tutorial and pictures, very nice! I saw your card on Make it Monday :) Have a nice weekend!

  2. Loooving all these Tutorials! Such a Gorgeous Card too. Enjoy your Weekend!

  3. Your card is just beautiful! Fabulous coloring. Thanks for the step by step tutorial on coloring this too. It is so helpful.

  4. What a gorgeous card the sweet image with the cute..and fabulous colouring and great tutorial.
    Thanks for sharing with us at Make it Monday..

    Luv CHRISSYxx

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    Be sure to check out the HUGE blog candy I have on my blog right now!!
    Karen C

  6. wooowww I love the step by step you show how you coloring her hair totally lovely...I am newbie at Copic Marker...thanks for your tutorial and I love this little cute lady...your card is adorable I especially love the add of the pearl and the little cloth at the top it looks like a butterfly...adorable card..

    I see your creation on The Last Make It Monday (MIM), my card is #220, if you would like to see it on my blog and if you would like to leave me some love I would be glad...hugs, Monika


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