Sunday, March 27, 2011

Goodbye Santa Fe

During my week-long visit to Santa Fe, I stayed at the Inn at Loretto. I soon discovered that the famous and mysterious Loretto Chapel was just next door. Can you imagine that!

It is believed to be the first gothic structure west of the Mississippi. However, the chapel had a design flaw... there wasn't any way to get up to the choir loft. The Sisters made a Novena to St. Joseph, their patron saint for divine guidance. Legend has it that upon the ninth day of the Novena, a mysterious carpenter arrived to design and construct a circular stairway to the loft. The stairway contains thirty three steps in two full 360 degree turns. The stairway has no center support nor is it held from it's sides. it's full weight rests on its final tread. There are no nails or screws used in the construction of the stairwell.

Upon completion of the stairway, the carpenter mysteriously disappeared without seeking payment. Legend has it that many believe the carpenter was the embodiment of Saint Joseph the Carpenter.

Engineers and architects marvel at the design. The little chapel has a constant flow of visitors. I have taken some pictures so you too, can see the wonderful design of this mysterious staircase. I tried to take pictures from many different angles.

People come from near and far to see the chapel and the miraculous staircase. the Many leave an offering of a Rosary upon a tree branch outside the chapel upon departure.

It was a wonderful week In addition to getting to see this wonderful staircase, I really enjoyed the city. I was able to spend some time at the Georgia O'Keefe Museum. That was a very special treat. The mystery book conference, Left Coast Crime was full of activities and wonderful sessions. I listened to many new authors whose books would be of interest to me. One author, Joe Bazel sat next to me during the award's dinner and I was fortunate enough to be able to have a delightful conversation with him and to be the winner of one of his fabulous signed books!

I spent the morning in conferences and was free to spend the rest of the day shopping, dining out and shopping some more! I ate too much and don't think I want to look at any southwest food for awhile. I had some difficulty breathing with the altitude and allergies but still enjoyed myself.

And this is me... getting ready to say goodby to Santa Fe and catch an early morning flight back to (Sunny???) California!

Hugs and Smiles


  1. Sounds like a wonderful week. Love your photos. They are beautiful and wow, that staircase is gorgeous.

  2. Wow, that staircase is amazing ... must be even more so, in person. Hope you had a safe flight home.

  3. Did you arrive to sunny CA? I hope so, weather has been chilly everywhere it seems. Thanks for posting the pictures of that gorgeous stairway. So beautiful, fun to see in person!

  4. Yeah! You're back!!! Amazing staircase and the tree outside. Thank you for sharing. :)

  5. Hi Marie..Yes I am fine!!! Just got back late Sat. evening from a wonderful and busy week in Ireland. Have been trying to adjust back into the Central time zone, getting caught up on laundry, etc. and then have been busy downloading and trying to put together pictures for collages, posters and prints to then scrapbook! So haven't had a chance to do any card making...and could be awhile before I do! Have to do the scrapbooking of Ireland while it is FRESH in the memory!!! :-) Sounds like you had fun in Santa Fe!!! And I LOVE that copper look you just did! WOW!!!!!!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful week! I'm amazed at that spiral staircase!

  7. Would love to go there someday! Thanks for sharing your pictures.


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