Thursday, May 1, 2014

Toner Gray Copic Color Combo

Hello everyone and WELCOME!
Marie here, and as you know - I have been sharing different color combo's for alcohol ink markers. I remember when I first started, I had a difficult time knowing which markers to purchase and what colors would blend together. I started by getting a marker here and there - anything that looked pretty. That worked great for basic coloring but it does NOT work for dimensional coloring! For dimension, it helps to have some "blending Buddies" on hand.
To help, I have been showing you some of the blending buddy combo's (natural and otherwise) that I like to use. Hopefully, my Copic and Touch Twin ShinHan Combos will help in deciding where to start with your own collection.
Today's Color Combo will be Copic "Tonal Gray".
T8, T6, T3
For added smoothness, T4 could be included.
This is a combo that works great for black objects and hair
There are 44 shades of gray in the Copic marker system.  Wow - Where do we start?
A rule of thumb is as follows: 
"C" will be for cool colors like blue and green.
"N" is a neutral color and will work well with everything.
"T" is a toner or tonal color and is slightly warm.
"W" is a brownish, warm color that works well with red and orange.
This will be important if you are on a budget and do not have all the Copic markers that you would like.
Who has enough?  LOL    Not me!
Did you know you can stretch your Copic color palate  by adding a "sandwich"
of a gray tone in-between your deepest shadow?
This will give you a high intensity shadow.
I will use this technique a lot in my videos.
I will sandwich cool colors with the "C" marker and my warm colors with a "T" or "W".
When I am in a mood and cannot decide, I will use the "N" markers.

To view on YouTube

Today, I will be using my Tonal Gray Copic Sketch markers to color straight and curly hair.
I will be using Sherry Baldy's wonderful stamp called  My Besties - Brittany and La Mouse 
I selected this because it will also allow me to demonstrate straight and curly hair.
Skin Tones: E000, E00, E11, E21
Hair: Featured Combo - T3, T6, T8, Copic Opaque White Ink
Dess and Socks:  G28, YG63, G45, G24, G20
Flowers, Bow, Hearts:   RV85, RV83, RV81
Watercolor Background with Copic Opaque White Ink
Thank your for stopping by and I hope you will let me know if there is something you want me to cover!
I will be back on May Day to share a Tahitian Blue Color Combo with you.


  1. Hi Marie wow gorgeous colouring skills thank you so much for sharing your tips you always colour your images so lovely :)
    I hope you have a fab day
    Vic x

  2. so beautiful also your tag under Marie.

    gr karin

  3. Hot Ziggety!!! You are the best of everything!!! I love your new idea of showing the blending buddy's, super idea.... Sure do miss you. Will be getting home late on Wed. Will be nice to be home.
    Hugs, me

  4. Thank you for the basic info on the meanings of the letters on the gray Copics. I am such a newbie that I didn't even know what they meant. That really clarifies a lot for me and I can make better informed purchases now. Love how you colored that image.

  5. Thanks for another Awesome Video! Love your Sweet Card too!


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