Friday, September 24, 2010

My First Post

WELL  HERE GOES....  I am going to compose my first post on my blog site.  Remember when you tried your first post?  Panic!    I wanted to participate in a card challenge and one  requirement is to have a blog site.Who says you can't teach a old dog new tricks!  With some of us. it just takes longer! :)

I have always loved paper crafting but I have just recently been introduced to Copic Markers.  I absolutely love them! I guess you know where my paycheck goes.   I am currently taking an online  Copics class from Suzanne Dean.  I  live in a remote area and  do not have a lot of options for classes.  Online works great. She is just fantastic and very supportive to us "newbies".  I am just wrapping up my final project for class 1.  I can hardly wait to start Class 2 

One of the things I absolutely love to do on my day off is to surf my favorite web sites and see all the wonderful creations!  Dang, we have some really creative folks out there!  One of my very favorite designers is Theresa Momber.  She is a designer for Gina K Designs on Stamp TV.  I took some inspiration from one of her tutorials and tried my hand at the following pocket matchbook candy holder.   I am going to make about 150  for my co-workers and friends for Thanksgiving.  Wish me luck!

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  1. Welcome! Looking forward to seeing your work on line.


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