Thursday, April 16, 2015

Stamping With Mega Flakes

Hello tand welcome!

Marie here with a little something different today! I wanted to play with some of the new Mega-Flake Royal Peacock stamping flakes from Indigo Blu!

Come and watch me experiment! :D


Other Video tutorials can be found HERE.

Stamp Paper
120# card base
 Bazaar Card Shoppe - Blueberry Sour
Gold paper cardstock


Mega-Flake Royal Peacock from Indigo BluATG
Flitter Glu by Indigo Leafy Stencil (other stencils)
pearlsstamp cleaner pad
FlowersButterfly punch
Leaf punch and molding pad/tools


Thank you for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed my experiment! I hope you stay healthy and crafty!


  1. Hey, Marie. I haven't seen this product. Very pretty and a nice tutorial.

    1. I can get a little messy Bunny and you would need to stay clear of all drafts! LOL I sort of had it all over on my test card. I guess it would have been fun to have the "bloopers" in the video LOL I know there are some places that sell it in a box with the song and glue as well as the flakes. That may be easier! Shhh - Just saying! Thank you for stopping by. Hugs, Marie

  2. These are gorgeous, Marie. I love them both. I've never tried working with the flakes before, but I may have to give it a try. I actually bought some quite a while ago at a stamp show and they are still in my closet unopened. Time to dig them out. Enjoy your weekend.

    1. Hi Donna. There are places that sell the kit - easier and you have the correct song that way. Hugs, Thanks for stopping by! Did you get the song with yours? I think it works better than my stamp cleaning pad! LOL Marie

  3. This is beautiful Marie! Great job working these flakes.

    1. Thank you Becky. I had flakes all over my craft room the first time I trie it. Word to the wise..... stay out of drafts! LOL Hugs, Marie

  4. So gorgeous! You really did an amazing job with the flakes. I love the elements you add to the first projects. Enjoyed the video you always do a wonderful job. Thanks for doing those great videos.
    Hugs, Pat♥


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