Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Housekeeping: Filling Copic Markers with Various Ink

Hello everyone!   I am here today with a housekeeping video!  

"Filling your Copic Markers" 
I know - Housekeeping is not as much fun but it is a necessary part of life!  

Markers will become empty - 
will also become very streaky and difficult to blend
prior to becoming empty!   

Another important reason to keep your valuable markers
filled is that the nibs will become "hard" and 
in may situations - impossible to restore or re-hydrate!   

 Check this mini video out -
I will share an easy way I  do it.


Copic Markers
Sketch, Original or Ciao

Copics Various Ink
I like to buy the when I buy my markers.    
That way, I have them as soon as my markers show signs 
of needing to be refilled.   

Copic Tweezers (Optional - but great to use)
They have great teeth to grip the wide nib. 

Copic Booster or transfer Needle (Optional) 
This can be attached to the Various Ink re-fillers and 
works great if you do not want to waste any precious ink or get 
your fingers inky. 

Alcohol ink pads for the barrel and fingers D 
Avoid touching the brush nibs with this alcohol. 

And now - take a few moment and refill those markers!   LOL   

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