Sunday, August 10, 2014

Creative Bloggers Hop

Creative Bloggers Hop

Sharing a little bit of me with you! :)

I was invited by the wonderful Janine from Crafting Crackers  to participate in the 
Creative Bloggers Hop!
The Creative Blogger Hop is a continuous Hop every Monday with a host of
inspirational bloggers taking part every week. 

The creative  blogger selected answers some questions related to their style and creative process.   
They may share how they get their creative mojo or share some little tip with you!   
In turn, they select 3 Bloggers that have been a source of inspiration to them 
and that they would like to showcase and feature.

Doesn't this sound fun?  
Now - Let's move on to the questions!   

1.  What Am I Working On At The Moment?  
I work as a full time  R.N. Patient Care Coordinator in an Emergency Department.  
That means my days off are filled with hours of fun in my art studio.  

One of my favorite DT projects I work on every week is for my
MarkerPOP DT.   I am a MarkerPOP COLORIST and create 
coloring video  tutorials every week.   
I LOVE doing this.    
It's so much fun to  learn and to share what I learned with our crafting community!   
If  we don't share - what's the point of learning!  LOL 

My second exciting thing I have been working on is 
My Besties YourTube DT project.   
I create one video every month.   
I spend three weeks getting ready for this video!   
I want to make it new and different!  
I want to create something the viewer will enjoy.
I want it to tell a story! 

In addition, I teach an online Creative Background Class in 
Suzanne Dean's  Color Me Creative Classroom. 
I love coming up with new backgrounds and sharing with my 
fantastic students!     

2.   How Does My Work Differ From Others In My Genre?
I am not sure if my work differs from others.  
I challenge myself  to "step-up" my work with each project.  
I try not to compare my work with others -  I just want to make
my work better than MY last piece of  work.  
I try to do something different or something NEW to ME.  
   I want to learn and create and share.    

I learn one thing NEW everyday!    
This may be how to use video software, elements and particles 
or how to improve my video presentations. 
I may be a new way to use my ink.    
I try to do something that is an improvement from My Last piece of work. 
I compete with MYSELF!

3.   Why Do I Write/Craft What I Do? 
I get a deep satisfaction from playing with ink and other creative art forms.   
I  find freedom in pushing boundaries.
I love mixing ink and media in a way that is new to me.   
Art is a way to express something that I may not be able to articulate.
I share the moment in art.  
It's freeing, relaxing and invites me to explore new creative worlds.
My Creative Journey allows me the opportunity  meet other artists and 
creative people on my journey.  

4.  How Does My Writing/Creative Process Work?
As a VISUAL person, I love creating in my mind. 
I am always visualizing something I want to do or create.  
I learn something NEW every day and find a way to use that one new idea or technique.   

For example,   I want to create a fun and new type of video for 
My Besties YouTube video due the end of this month.   
I want to create an autumn theme. 
I am looking for images that will fit the theme.
I am studying new video elements and particles that will 
allow me to set the stage for my autumn piece.   
I look for music that will fit the theme.  

So my process?   I come up with themes and then create around the theme. 
For MarkerPOP, I create my video's around Color Combos - 
Copic and ShinHan.   
I struggled with color combos when I started and I want to 
help people getting started see some color combo options they may want to use. 
I identify a combo and show how it can be used with 
various coloring techniques such as folds.   

I guess my process is to identify my theme -
and then experiment and play!   
My process needs to always be FUN!   

And Now,  Here Are The  3 Creative Crafters I Have Selected To Be Featured and to Carry on the Baton for the Creative Blogger Hop Next Monday! 

Patricia St. Martin from Rubber Stamping Is My Game.          Pat has been a friend, fellow blogger and DT teamie  from the start of my journey with Copic Markers.   I first met Pat in Color Me Creative Classroom when we signed up for Suzanne's first coloring class.    Our friendship has grown.    

I always learn new and fabulous techniques from Pat! If I pull out a new crafting tool -  Pat already has it and helps me learn how to use it! LOL

We Skype on a regular basis and she is a great friend and always an inspiration!

 Kelli Brief-Cortez  from Froggie Stamps
Isn't she gorgeous?!
I first met Kelli when we served on iCopic Design Team (now known as MarkerPOP).   
Kelli's amazing cards always inspire me.  
She has a style that I just love and always "wows" my socks off!    
Her amazing  coloring and designing talent did not go unnoticed and she quickly became  our MarkerPOP DT Leader.  

Her blog is filled with wonderful cards, projects and video tutorials!    
 In addition to being a wonderful artist, her calm, supportive manner and leadership makes her one of my special, inspiring cyber-freinds!  

Wow!  Super amazing woman!
 I recently met Jen on My Besties YouTube Design Team.   Jen is now our team leader.    

Jen's  personal story, commitment and amazing cards and projects have touched me deeply.    Jen's videos are ALWAYS a delight and I find myself watching them over, and over again!  I hope you check them out!  Jen is fun! Fun! Fun!   And ALWAYS inspiring! 

Well, that is it for me -  
Is it proper to say I talked your ear of
when I am blogging?   Hummm.

I hope you visit next Monday all our the wonderful blogging artists I
 have selected for  next week's Creative Bloggers Hop!
Note their links, visit them next week
and learn a little more about their amazing crafting journey!  

Thank you so much for stopping by and happy crafting!



  1. Wow, fabulous post hunni. Can I say you inspire me!!! I love what I do already but you make me feel like I can do more and stretch myself even further. You're a true inspiration, thank you Marie XX

    1. You are too kind Janine! You do great! :D

  2. How lovely to read a little about you and I am feeling inspired to try more new stuff now!

    Hugs, Kat x

    1. Thank you Kat! It's fun to take some time and think about the questions.

  3. Hi Marie!! I enjoyed reading about you and Pat and the other ladies!!

    1. Thanks Darcy! It's fun hearing about other's creative journey and maybe we should share a little on our Background class. i would love to hear more about each of you!

  4. You are too sweet! Loved reading about the other ladies as well!! I'm honored :)


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