Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Get To Know The MarkerPop Design Team!

Hi everyone!   Just a quick post to let you know our MarkerPop Blog  is having a "Get to Know the Design Team" week.   This is something that will be done during the last week of every month.   A new Design Team member is featured each day and they get to share anything they want with you!

I shared one of my new passions - BEADS!  

Details on how I created this beaded stick pin can be found HERE!    I just love the beaded stick pins!   I hope you like them too!   They are so much fun to make!

I am linking this project with Inspire Me Fridays !    

Aww Moment for the Day

Have a wonderful day!    Come back soon!


  1. It is so beautiful Marie. I have made a few and they are so fun. You did a beautiful job on this. Love it!

  2. Woo hoo..cat call inserted here...What a beautiful picture of you Marie and that hatpin is glorious. I just love all your assorted and various interest. You amaze me! :)

  3. WOW!!!! A totally awesome picture my friend. Love your beads. Fantastic job on your hat pin. You will never surprise me because when you get your mind made up you can do anything. Go go girl friend.....

  4. Saw this on MarkerPop! Thank you for the help on how to make these! They are sooo pretty! :^)

  5. Very glam bead stick and photo :) Totally gorgeous!

  6. Gorgeous Hat Pin Marie..Loz


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