Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Let's Zentangle!

Hello to all my friends!    I am so excited to share my first try at "Zentangle".   I first saw this wonderful technique on Rose Crawford's fabulous blog called In Rosie's Book    A wonderful example of her Zentangle can be found HERE   I just fell in love with her work and tucked it in the back of my mind.

I decided that I wanted to try some new things, in addition to my addictive Copic habit! (Yikes, that is redundant!  I am going to try my hand at Zentangle and I will keep the second thing a secret until the near future. :D

So, what is Zentangle?   It is a way of repeating patterns to create beautiful images.   It has been said to be relaxing....   I have never been much of "doodler" but let's see how it goes!   It was a creative technique created by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts  The history can be found HERE.   Classes are given on this and I will be first in line if they give any in my neck of the woods!  This is a great site for  -  Zentangle

Zentangle is:

  • Repetitive patterns
  • Relaxing
  • Simple and meditative
  • Fun (Now that's right up my alley!)
  • Start without a preconceived idea of a final result
  • Not expensive (I like that..... more money for Copics!)
  • Timeless
  • Intuitive
As I understand it, no two Zentangle images are the same.   There are some basic patterns that the experts provide to get you started - but then your own embellishments and creativity takes over and the process becomes your own.  Some have suggested the image in it's totality is one's life and the patterns inside are parts of your life that make up the whole.  No erasers are allowed!  I guess there is no trial run for life LOL! Life is full of mistakes.... That is what  makes it a part of our unique life!

This is my first Zentangle - My Copic instructor, Suzanne Dean shared that she did this when she was in her art class in college.   She used colored Copic Markers for Zentangle....  If you try this with your Copics remember not use the Micron pens if you are gong to use your colored Copics... it will not be good for your nibs.  Use your Copic Multiliners.  Some of Suzanne's fun classes and groups can be found here at Color Me Creative

I have entered this in:

I hope you liked this.  I probably got the ideas wrong but I tried to understand what I could find about Zentangle online - So until I can take an actual class.......   you may find my own variation of what this wonderful art form is! :D


  1. OH Marie....this is waaaaaaaay cool!!!!!!!

  2. Wow this is amazing!! Going to have to look into this technique!! Saw this on MIM!
    Nat -x-

  3. Oh, Marie . . . your FIRST Zentangle-inspired piece is PERFECT! There is no right or wrong when tangling. The contrast of the black and white looks fabulous on this wonderful card. Hugz, ~ Rose

  4. You did it!!!! I still have the email from you when you recommended this. I'm so thrilled to see your rendition of Zentangle. Were I to actually deduce your character based on this I would have to say that I see a very obvious strong foundation with great structure and support and all surrounded by whimsy and creative movement. I also see bits of organized structure in there too. This is fantastic Marie. It certainly gave me a huge smile this morning. :D
    Oh boy, I can't wait for the unveiling of the next surprise!!! You always surprise me with your versatility.

    Hugs to you my friend and thank you for sharing it too at MIM.
    Lisa xx

  5. This is amazing, I love the idea of zentangles and one day when I can sit and relax, I must try this, I love this one.

  6. Holey Moley Marie! This is fabulous and so fun to do!

  7. Love it Marie,,,,,Thanks for telling me about my identity,,,AND DONÑT SEND ANY MONEY OF COURSE,,,,,,I have just to recover my identity and I change the pass,,,I wouldn`t ask for some money to my own customers it sound really so ridiculous,,,,,,,,,anyway thanks a million for telling me,,,,,it,,,,,Marie.


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