Wednesday, November 16, 2011

CMC: Mermaids, Mermaids, Mermaids!

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Color Me Creative  is having a challenge featuring "Sea" colors!   The wonderful Michelle Perkett is our sponsor for this fun challenge.  The winner will receive 1 package of Cryogen paper from Curious Metallic, Inc.   If you have wondered how this paper works - this is a perfect opportunity to win some for FREE!     I love this paper and use it on a regular basis with my copic markers.   Michelle is also offering 50% off on her wonderful images through 11/12.   Now is a good time to stock up!   Let me see......   twice as many dig's for the price of one!!! LOL

Challenge details can be found at  CMC Challenge.   You do not have to be enrolled in the classes in order to participate in this challenge.  You just have to use alcohol ink markers!   I hope to see you there!   

 I had the opportunity to take my standard and intermediate certification from Marianne Walker  a couple weeks ago in Hawaii. 


 I just LOVE Marianne's work!  I have been following her blog for some time now and trying to study her work.   It can be found at I Like Markers    Marianne's philosophy is that being an artist is a state of mind.   It doesn't involve how well you can draw or how much schooling you have had.... It comes down to how you see the world and interpret it into your chosen medium!    Wow!  That bit of food for thought is worth the cost of the class right there!    

 During our break,  I mentioned  to Marianne that I was "stuck".   You know what I mean!!!!   She took the time to look at my work and give me some excellent constructive criticism.  She said I have learned the rules of Copics well.... and now it is time to break the rules.    Oh no!  Break the rules?  LOL!   Marianne said if I just stick to the rules.. the cards will be  nice cards  - but just that.... nice cards but not memorable.   I need to add texture and unusual color combinations!   I need to experiment.   I am going to take everything she gave me to heart and definitely try this!      AND THE JOURNEY STARTS!!!  Everyone may not like my work but no one can say it will be boring!  I am going to be committed to the following:
  1. Study each image before I start coloring to see where shadows will go if applicable.
  2. Texuturize at least a small portion of of every picture
  3. Have some unusual color combination....  It may be a large or small section... But it will be  there and it will be different LOL
  4. Know what element in the picture or image I want to stand out and shade and color in a way that the lighting falls on that element.  Make it "POP".  
  5. Try to do my layout in a manner that the eye will be forced back to the image rather than off the paper
  6. Not get carried away with my bling... make certain that the viewers will not look at the bling... but my picture.  I will have spent hours on my picture and a few seconds putting the bling on the card.   I want people to look at my   image! :D
  7. Not get frustrated that these steps will S L O W me down! Sniff Sniff
  8. Commit an hour looking at the objects around me or the image I am working on for every hour  I spend coloring  the image
  9. Remind myself to look frequently  at my image from a distance and see what I need to re-work.
Wow.....   I am so grateful for the opportunity to have a class by this wonderful woman.   I sure hope I can do the things I say I am committed to do!    I must post my list right in front of me!    (Are there more hours in the day?)   

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For my first card, Marianne was generous enough to look at it an help me pep it up.   Some of her suggestions were to add texture to the background. I added colorless blender.   She then suggested I darken the shadows of the face.  (Actually, possibly put lavender in it!!!! yikes....   I will try that in the near future)  Marianne also suggested I add come of my main color over the eyes.  I like it!    She helped me add some definition to the shadows between the eyes and lastly..... put a little of the sea colored background into the hair!!!   I said... "You want me to add what?!!!!" LOL     I really like how it turned out! Wow!  Thanks Marianne!

I decided to try something different by using the same image and same idea of adding texture and my non-traditional color combinations but in a way that will allow the mermaid to have an ethereal mood.   How is that?!!! LOL    I did the same colors I just made it lighter and used a lighter background.   It looks very different but the colors are the same.  

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I am just going to commit to looking at my its and try to integrate anything I can to step-up my images and designs   I am going to try to have "fun" with my art!

I want to thank you for stopping by and spending some time with me!   
From my home to yours - Happy HOLIDAYS!



  1. Oh Marie, Marie, Marie...
    I am blown away by the amount of constructive information you just laid out.
    So, let me see if I got this right...
    1.) Break the rules
    2.) Mix up the color wheel; make things with texture and make them POP.
    3.) Observe my furniture for hours on end
    4.) Have FUN!!!
    Your images are trancing! It's like night and day seeing the differences. I'm in love with the eyes and the coloring and the mixture of hues in the hair.
    You've always done a perfect job of keeping focus on your image and not adding too much bling to distract, always the right amount.
    Thank you so much for going all the way to Hawaii to bring me back some very wonderful educational and informative guidelines. :D
    I think I just might step out of my comfort zone and try this challenge. :)
    Lisa xx

  2. No.... Don't mix up the color wheel.... just the traditional Copic Marker blending buddies.... Be bold. Use the color wheel! LOL Your funny!

  3. Your card is absolutely gorgeous, Marie! Thanks so much for sharing all the insight you gained from your Copic classes! I am going to commit these to memory and try to incoporate them into my coloring practice, too!

  4. Your card is awesome. Great colors and love what all you did with it. Thanks for sharing with us. As always, your coloring is gorgeous.

  5. I'm so glad you had a wonderful time meeting Marianne, she is a fantastic person and a wonderful teacher. I see you sure learned a lot WOW!!! on both of your card. I love your work now but I see you are going to be doing so more outstanding work as you have learned so much. Hope you enjoyed your trip to Hawaii and maybe got to see somethings when you where there.
    Hugs, Pat

  6. Well dear Marie,
    I am so happy to read your post.
    And I must say the colouring of the image is awesome.
    I love the idea of the image to pop up, not all the papers.
    Love your cards.

  7. Gorgeous cards you've made, love Michelles images! =)
    Hugs, Elenor

  8. Your cards are gorgeous and it was fun and informative to read about your commitment to new experiences with copics...tfs.

  9. WOW is about all I can say. This is outstanding. When I grow up (LOL-already there) I want to be able to color as good as you. I'm sure you learned a lot from your class, but you have a natural talent that I envy. Thank you so much for sharing your works of art. Hugs, Donna

  10. Absolutely gorgeus Marie,,,,,,,love the colors you used,,,, OMG,,,,stunning

  11. Beautiful coloring Marie! Love the image too, I have many of Michelle's charming digis. ;)

  12. Hi Marie! Sorry it's taken me so long to leave a comment, I've been by a few times but I couldn't leave a comment, it kept crashing. I now know what the problem is so hopefully it won't be a problem now. I LOVE your cards, the first one especially (it's stronger colours - as I'm sure you know now I just loves me some colour lol) The nose detail is stunning, you have to teach me how to do that! I LOVED reading about your tips and tricks from Marianne, absolutely fascinating!


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