Friday, July 22, 2011

Looking At You!

 Hello everyone!   It is time to post a card I did for week's  Top Tip Tuesday Challenge.  We are to create a card.... anything but square.   Does rectangle count?  I hope so.....  When I pulled out my Cricut Expression to make flourishes I realized that I have been missing some of the cute things that could be done on my Cricut.  Therefore, I am going to begin incorporating Cricut and other cards in along with my Copic cards.  That way.... things will stay fresh for you.
Remember how much fun you had  as a child with things that would "spin"?  My mother was raised in very difficult economic times and she would make the things she would give me.   I remember her making me pinwheels that she would attach to a stick.   I always had so much fun with that!  Well, I created a spinner card and just made me smile.... remembering those wonderful times!

This is "rectangle"   I just photographed it against orange (won't do that again!)  I hope that counts.   Anything but square!  LOL

  • Spinner Card
  • Cricut Expression
    I made a ot of these cards a few years ago.  I believe my original recipe came from a blog from a wonderful  SU demonstrater named Angie.  Her blog can be found HERE
    I wanted to make sure I gave Angie credit for her wonderful  tutorials!
    1. Cut  heavy base cardstock at  6in x 6in  and score down the middle at 3 inches (landscape)  This makes your base card.  
    2. Cut one  white cardstock at 5.25 in X 2.5in.  (This will add firmness to your card)
    3. Cut Designer paper 5.5in X 2.5 in and layer on top of your white cardstock.
    4. Cut a center line horizontally.   You can use a label punch  (extending it in length so there is plenty of room to slide!). If you do not have a label punch, you cut a long rectangular square with your blade)  Make certain to leave 0.75in or 3/4in on both ends . 
    5. Attach dimentionals between the base card layer and your top layer in order to create a space.  
    6. Create any image you want to use as a spinner image.   I used some spirals... they look like a "top" spinning when it is tipped.   Be creative.   
    7. Attach your spinner  to a penny add a dimentional (mini round) to the other side of the penny and attach another penny.  
    8. Slip the underside penny into the slotted center line you have  created.  Your top penny that is attached to the spinner image will rest outside the cut center groove.  The little mini dimentional you have between the two pennies will fit within the center groove you cut.   When you tip the card,  the spinner will slide down the entire length of the card.  
    9. You may need to adjust it a little to allow it to spin rather than just slide.
    10. You see why you needed to pop your top layer up from your card base.  You needed room to allow the inside penny to roll down the length of the card.   
    11. Experiment with different images....  They all look so different.  
    12. I attached Goofy to the front of the card. I cut it out with the Disney Mickey Mouse  Cricut cartridge .
    13. Enjoy!

     This is square and it cannot be included in the challenge.  Anything but square!!! LOL   But I can certainly include it in my blog for you.

    I also made this card in preparation for fall  with owl designer paper and cut an owl from my Cricut and used that as a spinner.  It was really cute!

    Check out the challenge....   Top Tip Tuesday  It is always a lot of fun and you can pick up fabulous tips!!!!!

    Tip for the Day:   Use pennies on your spinner cards.  I have tried many different things and a nickle is too heavy and  dimensionals alone  are not heavy enough.  Pennies add just the right amount of heaviness to allow your image to just spin, spin spin!!!

    Check back really soon - I plan to upload a Copic card for a pastel challenge for  Copic Creations tomorrow!  We also have a fun challenge at Color Me Creative Copic Challenge
    that will be posted on Sunday!  



    1. Cute cards Marie! I'll have to give these a go.

    2. Darling card as always. Love your owl and great bg.

    3. great cards. I love slider cards and a good tip too. Thanks for joining Top Tip Tuesday. Elaine

    4. Such cute cards Marie; that owl is so darling!

    5. "Hoo's" awesome? YOU ARE!! This rectangle, not a square, card is wonderful. :D I love spinner cards...they are so much fun and it made me smile to go down memory lane with you. :)
      Thank you Marie for joining us at Top Tip Tuesday for our "shapes card" challenge.
      Happy stamping....
      Lisa xx

    6. Marie your cards are gorgeous! The fact you have got images 'adding' to the outline of your cards means they count in the 'Shaped Cards' challenge - very much like the Teddy card I added into the tutorial :)

      Thanks for sharing your Top Tip with us too ...although I have to admit to not knowing what coins you mean as I'm in the UK ;)

      Thanks so much for joining in this week with Top Tip Tuesday's 'Shaped Card' Challenge :)

      Carol x


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