Thursday, February 10, 2011

Furry Little Friend

As you know, I am taking classes on Copic markers from Suzanne Dean. She is now offering classes for Distress Ink. Now, doesn't that sound fun? Yes, of course I had to sign up for the class! LOL.

As with anything new.... one must practice. This is my first attempt at using distress ink. I tried to make the little bear look furry. I was a little worried about my paper. We are to use smooth watercolor paper. My watercolor paper has quite a grain to it. I tried to use it to my benefit and make it look like fur.

The little image is from Penny Johnson/Sampavie and the name is "Bear with Butterfly"

I have quite a bit of practice ahead of me in order to perfect this technique but I will have fun along the way. Suzanne will also be having a class on Prismacolor pencils soon. Yes, I will be one of the first to sign up! LOL


  1. OH is HE cute!!! Yup...LOOKS like fur to me!! How neat!!!! YOU are an excellent colorer!!!!!!

  2. So cute marie,,,,,so unique,,, I love if possible you send me an original picture coloured by yoy,, I am curious to get an original pict coloured with copics by you,,,,,,,,,I am a digital artist by I love hoiw people can coloured on traditinal way,,,and you are realy talented,


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